Welcome to QRV Systems

Home of SDR synchronization, integration, and control


I'm Ed Russell, W2RF, and this is where I hang my amateur radio hat. You can find out more about me on the About page. Here I'd like to say a little about the site.

QRV Systems is the new home for a project that I have been working on recently called SDR-Bridge. It is also home for a project that has been around for a while called RigSync. You can find out more about each of those projects on their respective pages.

Both SDR-Bridge and RigSync are designed to enhance the use of SDR (Software Defined Radio) hardware and software with other programs such as skimmers, loggers, and telnet clusters. They synchronize the frequency of various components; they integrate their operation; and they provide central, unified control functions.

The more mature and widely adopted RigSync primarily uses the traditional CAT protocol to communicate with radios. It integrates with any CAT based radio.

The brand new SDR-Bridge does not use CAT. It is CAT-free, and based on other protocols such as COM, .NET, and telnet. It currently integrates with the Flex-6000 Signature Series radios.

I hope you find these programs useful, and look forward to your feedback!